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THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE! 7000 HUMANS is a large scale global initiative, working with minimal means and very reduced administration. This means that we are actively discouraging you from sending email enquiries and responses unless it is absolutely necessary.

The website has been structured to allow for this reduction of admin costs by dealing with technical processes like registration without the need for much staffing.

QUESTIONS from PARTICIPANTS and PARTNERS We have therefore tried to answer as many questions as possible on the website in the FAQs, SUPPORT section and other parts of the website.

Instead of vast volumes of email traffic we have put the emphasis on decentralised human exchanges. This is a very important aspect of 7000 HUMANS and will take place between you and the multipliers/inspirers who invited you into the 7000 Humans.

TRANSLATIONS We recognise the difficulties caused by using only one language for the website. We would love to have it in many languages. but this is impossible in this sun-cycle! A dedicated network of volunteers have however decided to translate important elements of the website. These can be accessed from the SUPPORT and MEDIA pages.

We hope most Media and communication needs are fulfilled by the material provided on the MEDIA page.


If you need to contact us urgently about anything to do with media, that is not covered by the short press statements, please email us here:


We are happy to arrange interviews and conversations that helps 7000 HUMANS to reach people, communities, organisations and networks that might not be able to participate without your communications. Contact us media@7000humans.com to make a time and specify a language.

Other issues
Emails relating to all other issues and aspects of 7000 HUMANS can be sent to us here:

We will attempt to respond within 10 days. If you haven’t heard from us this probably means you won’t get any response, because we just don’t have the capacity.

Commons Pool Gifts
Commons Pool GiftsIf you need to talk to someone about the 7000 HUMANS COMMONS POOL use the support email, with COMMONS POOL in the subject line.

To withdraw from the 7000 HUMANS you don’t need to email us. You can simply click UNSUBSCRIBE in the page footer.

You also don’t need to email us if you want to add details about your tree partner/place, your commitments and your question. There are forms to submit this on the appropriate pages. All that you submit is used only on the MAP as explained in the different PARTICIPATE sections of the website.

Coworkers and volunteers
At different moments in the 4 phases of 7000 Humans we will need the support of volunteers. We will make a call for all such support via the multiplier networks, on social media on on our blog. Technical and other forms of support will definitely be needed to make the Phase 3 online assemblies possible.

We look forward very much to getting a sense of your presence and your engagement in the 7000 HUMANS through the place descriptions, commitments and the questions that everyone shares on the map, and then in the online and on the ground local and global assemblies for working actively with the questions with commitment to the field and the warmth-work needed in the world.

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