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Phase 4 [and transition to 7000 HUMANS 2.0] | September to December 2022

In Phase 4 - Making Social Honey - we gather, share and distribute social honey. This includes exploring emergent initiatives and seeing how 7000 HUMANS 2.0 might unfold.

The online forums in Phase 4 provide a space, like a hive, in which to do the demanding and dedicated work of turning the nectar - from the online global assemblies and local gatherings - into social honey that is needed to nourish the social mycelium. The social honey we are making is a co-created outcome of the insights, discoveries and rich substance of the previous three phases, which is now re-entered and distilled again, to be shared widely. Exploring creative ways of sharing the experiences and understandings of the 7000 HUMANS process is also part of Phase 4. How we share them can intensify the potency of these insights as seeds for future cycles of planting, cultivating and harvesting human honey to nourish the social mycelium.

Honey only exists because individual bees collect nectar and bring it back to be worked on together in the hive.

In collective human spaces for working together we can intensify our capacities for 'listening into' what is being said, and for what is emerging. 

Bee honey and social honey are both carriers of the golden light that sustains life.

In the 7000 HUMANS we begin to gather our human nectar, individually, when we discover our commitment and our question. This provides the initial substance to use in human thinking-together processes, as bees work together to turn nectar into honey.

In the local and global assemblies [Phase 3], online and on the ground, we gather, in hive spaces, to begin working together on the substance first gathered as individuals.

In the Social Honey Making - Phase 4, like bees who rework the nectar 5 times before it becomes honey, we re-enter and reflect on the questions and insights to explore emerging initiatives and make social honey to nourish a living future.

WHAT HAPPENS in Social Honey - Phase 4?


In Phase 4 - Oct to Dec 2022 - there are three scheduled forums. Here all 7000 HUMANS participants are invited to work together to reflect and develop insights in relation to a. the questions explored so far b. the process of finding, sharing and working with questions c. about 7000 HUMANS as a whole d. consider 7000 HUMANS 2.0 and how the questions worked with will be evolved in ways that overcome Eurocentric bias and language.

29 October 12.00 -19.00 [UTC /BST] 19 November 12.00 -19.00 [UTC /BST] 3 December 12.00 -19.00 [UTC /BST]

SUBMIT INDIVIDUAL INSIGHTS (Use login details to share insight to add to global map)

Share insights and reflections about a question, the process, or 7000 HUMANS as a whole. In this Phase we will also make a collective list of individual commitments, tree-partners/anchor points, questions and insights, accessible to all registered participants via your login, not only on map.


Collective insights from the 'working with questions' global and local assemblies, the overall 7000 HUMANS experiment and emergent initiatives will be shared with participants and wider public in online networking gatherings, audio and video documents and written reflections [see DOCUMENTATION below], as a way of distributing and sharing the 7000 HUMANS social honey amongst participants and to a wider public.


Although this has always been a focus of 7000 HUMANS - in how we work together and formulate questions - our recent experiences, in particular the challenges of working with different languages and language cultures - suggest ways to make this more of a reality.

3 ONLINE FORUMS -Dates & Times

Day 1   Reflective Attention - 29 0ctober 2022, 12.00 -19.00 with breaks [UTC / GMT]

Day 2   Emerging Initiatives - 19 November  2022, 12.00 -19.00 with breaks [UTC / GMT]

Day 3   Connective Capacities for the Social Mycelium - 3 December, 12.00-19.00 with breaks [UTC/GMT]

FORUM TIMES AND DETAILS (login to get zoom link)

DAY 1 REFLECTIONS - 29 October 
Sharing experiences and reflections on 7000 HUMANS.  On its elements. On Active Listening and Active imagining. On 7000 HUMANS as a whole. As individuals, in small groups and in a plenary.



12:00 – 13.00  Welcome, introduction and exploration
13:00 – 13:15  BREAK
13:15 – 14:15  Breakout group process
14:15 – 15.00  Plenary sharing space, discussion and creating voice archive
15:00 – 16:00 BREAK
16:00 – 16:15  Re-entry into focus of the day
16:15 – 17:15  Breakout group process
17:15 – 18:00 Plenary sharing space and discussion
18:00 –18:15 BREAK
18:15 – 18:50  Plenary sharing space: creating a voice archive
18:50 – 19:00 Farewell and next session


12.00 - 14.15 Sharing about practices, methods, and understandings about new capacities to nourish the social mycelium [including small groups with break]
14.15 - 15.15 BREAK                                                                        
15.15 – 17.15 Transitioning to 7000 HUMANS 2.0
[Including process for establishing working groups / themes / reading and practice groups; the possibility of connective practice workshops/processes to uncover commitments, anchor points, questions; the forms of 7000 HUMANS 2.0: e.g. big assemblies, small forums for exchanges, local and global collaborations] 
17.15 - 17.45 BREAK
17.45 - 19.00 Plenary and Future Dates
a. possible ‘solstice gathering’?
b. 1st global online assembly for discussing and deciding constellations and themes for working groups


Voice Archive 1


29 October 2022

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Document 1


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MAKING SOCIAL HONEY - FORUM 1- Written compilation of insights and reflections on aspects of 7000 HUMANS

Vioce Archive 2


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MAKING SOCIAL HONEY - FORUM 2- Initiatives - emerging and developing



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WARMTH-BODY - 7000 HUMANS make social honey



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SOUL WORK - Reflections from 7000 HUMANS initiatives around the planet


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