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7000 HUMANS   I   working together to share ways forward…

As a communicator-journalist-reporter- in both the alternative and mainstream media you can help 7000 HUMANS thrive by sharing it via video, newspaper, TV, radio, and social media platforms.

Please contribute to the 7000 HUMANS by using your skills and vision to let people know about the initiative.

Communicate the opportunities for working together with others across the planet to find out about, develop or share responsive actions, and strengthen the mind-set needed for a living future.

Share the importance of co-creating new structures and global assemblies for exploring questions and responses to the inner and outer intersecting crises of our times.

THE FIELD section of our website outlines the field of engagement and the evolution of the 7000 HUMANS.

Please contact us if you need to know more than you can find on our website.  media@7000HUMANS.com

Below is a downloadable press statement for your use. We will also be sharing this statement and, in some cases, translations of sections of the website into French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Marathi, German and languages from other parts of the world

We are happy to make time for a conversation or interview, if you are interested in communicating the 7000 HUMANS initiative locally, region


If you need to contact us urgently about anything to do with media, please email us here: 



We welcome doing interviews and having conversations with you about the 7000 HUMANS and exploring ways you can help us reach people, communities, organisations and networks of people interested in strengthening the field of transformative thinking and action.

Contact us to make a time and specify a language.


We are currently arranging interviews in English and German.


English, February 2022

For immediate release. Translations of this press statement / summary of the initiative into German, Hindi, Marathi, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese. Coming soon in TRANSLATIONS


Some of the 7000 HUMANS have gifted their time to do translations of parts of the website into several languages. As they are ready you will find them here as pdf documents. We are very grateful to the translators and hope this contribution is helpful to many!

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