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Let us know on this form what kind of support you can give.

With your gifting of support you contribute to building the eco-social commons, and help to intensify the kind of warmth-body needed to co-create a living future.

7000 humans commons pool

Become a contributor to the 7000 HUMANS COMMONS POOL and express your care for and commitment to initiatives for a living future by means of gifting money. You are most welcome to leave your intention here in a short message (max. 500 characters)

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If you want to partner with us,tell us about yourself, your group, your community, your project, your network, your organisation or your institution and why you want to partner with 7000 HUMANS. We will get back to you as soon as we can. (max.500 characters)

I /we want to become a partner of the 7000 HUMANS

inspirer / multiplier

I want to become a local, regional, continental inspirer / multiplier by reaching out and inviting others to join us in 7000 HUMANS field

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