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Phase 3   I  21 June Solstice to 25 September

In this phase you participate in local and global online gatherings that take place once a week for 14 weeks.

They are spaces of exploration, deepening and awakening. They are spaces where the dedicated and patient work of listening and thinking-together takes place, toward making social honey.

7000 HUMANS emphasises the value of finding and following questions as powerful ways of enabling the emergence of solutions and answers. It avoids the trap of starting to look for answers to questions that might need to be asked differently.

‘Following questions’ is a living and flexible way of uncovering ‘answers’ and responding to needs and issues. It follows the phenomena and the realities with expanded senses. It enters them from different perspectives and with care, to uncover, reveal and formulate the questions ‘hiding’ in the challenges, situations and crises of the present.

7000 HUMANS sees ‘working with questions’ in this experimental, improvisational way, as a necessary step to shaping a living future! 

“It’s about the breakthrough into a new eco-social future. Before asking: what can we do? We need  to explore the question: How should we think?“ Joseph Beuys

Asking people around the world to look for the truly significant questions of our time, wakes the world up in us.  It sharpens our inner and outer senses; stirs and activates the humanosphere, and helps us listen to what is calling us from the future. 

Working with questions is like shining light into unknown terrain. 

Focussing on one question a week across the planet amplifies the sense of synchronicity and connection and activates a field of awareness to explore.

New insights and understandings arise in the field catalyzed by individual and collective breakthroughs and transformations.


You are invited to participate in local and global online assemblies between 21 June and 25 September.  

In each assembly we will explore one of the 14 questions that you selected from the 70+ submitted questions. Although answers might appear and emerge, as much value lies in the process of following and journeying with the questions. 

These global online gatherings of participants take place once a week for 14 weeks from 21 June. They will be at an alternating time each week, to enable participation from the different time zones across the world.

In the local and global assemblies you share and explore your insights, perceptions and further questions gained from journeying and engaging with the question of the week before the online gathering.  

You can participate in one or more global online assemblies, according to your time and interests. However, the field of insights and inspiration will be strengthened if you participate weekly or in several assemblies.

Simultaneous action / Perceptive thought-work is amplified when people enter their inner workspace simultaneously on the planet. This might allow us to experience something of the growing warmth-body that is nourished by the thought of the heart and reinvigorates the soul of the world. 

14 questions

for 14 weeks

Registered participants in 7000 HUMANS 1.0 [2022] worked with the following 14 questions in 14 weeks of online global assemblies.

In Germany the assemblies took place every Sunday morning in Zukunfstdorf22, linked to the documenta 15. Other parallel assemblies took place in Japan and India partnered by the Council for the Arts and Social Practice. The 14 questions on this page appear in the sequence in which they were explored.

You can view all the individual questions submitted on the global map and the digital board. Ongoing submissions are visible on the map and in a SHARED BY PARTICIPANTS list of all submissions.



Q 1

WEEK 1 Sat 25 June 9.30 -12.00 [UTC / UK time]

What kind of encounters and experiences can enable people to redefine their values and understanding of happiness?

Q 2

WEEK 2: Sat 2 July 15.00 -17.30 [UTC / UK time]

How can we create a life supporting replacement of money?

Q 3

WEEK 3: Sat 9 July 9.30 - 12.00 [UTC / UK time]

How do we move from doing to being?

Q 4

WEEK 4: Sat 16 July 15.00 -17.30 [UTC / UK time]

What does it mean to listen to non-human worlds, and how can we be sure that we hear them?

Q 5

WEEK 5: Sat 23 July 9.30 -12.00 [UTC / UK time]

How can we rewild our imaginations in order to respond with imaginative solutions to the ecological emergency?

Q 6

WEEK 6: Sat 30 July 15.00 -17.30 [UTC / UK time]

How can we become more conscious of the interconnectedness of everything, so that we may fully enjoy the interconnectedness, and act from this consciousness?

Q 7

WEEK 7: Sat 6 August 9.30 -12.00 [UTC / UK time]

Although many people know about the crises on the planet and the huge inequalities between rich and poor, between those with food to eat and those without, the situation has not changed for decades. Why is that? What is the difference between fair, just and equal, and what kind of movement do we need to enable decent livelihoods for everyone?

Q 8

WEEK 8: Sat 13 August 15.00 -17.30 [UTC / UK time]

How can we 'translate' our experiences from one socio-cultural local context to another? How can we facilitate meaningful, deep intercultural learning? How do we bridge an abyss between opinions?

Q 9

WEEK 9: Sat 20 August 9.30 -12.00 [UTC / UK time]

How can the connection to nature and love of nature be anchored in the hearts of all people?

Q 10

WEEK 10: Sat 27 August 15.00 -17.30 [UTC / UK time]

What would education look like, if a person [like Joseph Beuys], with an expanded understanding of 'art' and a view that every human being is an artist, was the Minister of Education?

Q 11

WEEK 11: Sat 3 September 9.30 -12.00 [UTC / UK time]

How can relationships with the more-than-human world help us develop more empathy and love for both the natural and human world and ultimately re-write the narrative in environmental activism? 

Q 12

WEEK 12: Sat 10 September 15.00 -17.30 [UTC / UK time]

How do we achieve a new Common Ground which makes collaboration instead of competition self-evident? Does it have a special frequency and what does it sound like?

Q 13

WEEK 13: Sat 17 September 9.30 -12.00 [UTC / UK time]

How can we ensure that Artificial Intelligence, born of reason, serves life, and is a servant of the human intuitive mind?

Q 14

WEEK 14: Sat 24 September 15.00 -17.30 [UTC / UK time]

How can we be a gain for the common evolution of the earth and humankind? This includes: What inner attitudes can we strengthen? What habits shall we change? What abilities do we need to develop?


Work with Question 1 begins in Week 1, on Monday 20 June 2022. Local Assemblies wall over the world work with the same question each week. You can work with your question with friends, in a group 'on the ground' or in an online network, at times to be decided by you, local group, or network.

Please can also choose to work with your question with a local group - especially if it is linked to your commitment -even if it isn't one of the 14 questions. You can meet online or on the ground as often or little as you like. This small group work with a question that you are deeply committed to is an important part of strengthening the field of will forces, committed actions, and generating the social mycelium.

Local and regional assemblies need to be organised by the groups themselves or 'intermediaries' to suit local and regional groups and networks. LOCAL ASSEMBLIES IN KASSEL take place in ZukunftsDorf22, in the context of documenta 15. These live, local assemblies take place every SUNDAY for 14 weeks from 11.00 - 14.00 [Central European /German Time]. Language - GERMAN. All are welcome. It might be possible -because of the international visitors to documenta, to run another set of assemblies in Kassel, in ENGLISH.

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